Explain the basic principles of fixture design

Explain the basic principles of fixture design

The basic principles of fixture design, according to the requirements of the actual situation of the product to design the positioning structure of the fixture, it is necessary to pay attention to the convenience of the product, and the protection of the appearance of the product, the positioning block and the auxiliary positioning device in contact with the product as far as possible to use non-metallic materials such as white glue.

1. Meet the stability and reliability of workpiece positioning during use;

2. There is enough bearing or clamping force to ensure that the workpiece is carried out in the construction process on the fixture;

3. Meet the simple and fast operation in the clamping process;

4. Vulnerable parts must be structures that can be replaced quickly

5. Meet the reliability of fixture repeated positioning in the adjustment or replacement process;

6. Avoid complex structure and expensive cost as much as possible;

7. As far as possible, the selection of reliable quality standard products on the market as components;

8. Meet the safety laws and regulations of the country or region where the fixture is used;

9. The design scheme follows the principle of manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and servo priority selection;

10. Forming the serialization and standardization of the company's internal products.

The special fixture with good economy should use standard components and standard structure as far as possible, and strive to have simple structure and easy manufacturing to reduce the manufacturing cost of the fixture. The necessary technical and economic analysis of the fixture scheme should be carried out according to the order and production capacity in order to improve the economic benefits of the fixture in production.

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