Design principle of fixture

What is the design principle of fixture Fixture design is generally carried out in accordance with the specific requirements of a certain process after the formulation of the mechanical processing process of the parts. Then what is the design principle of fixture, formulate the process, should fully consider the possibility of fixture realization, and when designing fixture, it is necessary to put forward modification suggestions on the process. Fixture design before the need to prepare these data in advance: design notice, finished parts drawing, blank drawing and process route and other technical data, to understand the processing technical requirements of each process, positioning and clamping plan, the processing content of the previous process, the blank situation, the machine tool used in the processing, the tool, the inspection measuring tool, the processing allowance and cutting amount. What is the design principle of fixture 1, meet the stability and reliability of workpiece positioning during use; 2, there is enough bearing or clamping strength to ensure that the workpiece is processed on the fixture; 3, to meet the clamping process of simple and fast operation; 4, vulnerable parts must be a structure that can be quickly replaced, and there is no need to use other tools when conditions are sufficient; 5, meet the fixture in the adjustment or replacement process of repeated positioning reliability; 6, as far as possible to avoid complex structure, expensive; 7, as far as possible to choose standard parts as components; 8, the formation of the company's internal product system and standardization. The design quality of the fixture should be measured by whether the processing quality of the workpiece can be ensured stably, the production efficiency is high, the cost is low, the chip removal is convenient, the operation is safe, the labor is saved and the manufacturing and maintenance is easy. The above is about the specific matters of fixture design, if you want to know other can pay attention to our website.